Let's Make Fashion Benefit the World!

De Voedselbank donation made in Amsterdam from Pelli.Amsterdam for 500 euro's feeding 50 families in Amsterdam and beyond.

Living out our mission to let fashion benefit the world. 

I never expected that my last Pelli. post would get so many great and positive reactions (and SALES!) from colleagues, friends, strangers and my professional network that I felt I needed to step out of my comfort zone again and create another post, especially since this T-shirt is not just for me.

I'm winning here, but the real winners from selling this shirt are the families supported by Voedselbank Amsterdam. With every shirt, Pelli. can feed 2 families, locally!

There are a few shirts left in white, sage green & black & selling them would help build out the Pelli. brand. We will launch sweaters and hats for fall/winter so get ready and excited for it!

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