De Voedselbank

Logo voor de Voedselbank


At Pelli.Amsterdam we believe that our fashion can contribute to a better world. That's why we made the decision to collaborate with the Dutch Voedselbank to provide a donation in your name whenever you buy one of our products, like our Original Tee shirt. The idea behind this collaboration comes from the inspiration of our logo of the Pelican.

De Voedselbank in the Netherlands helps over 1.000.000 people that live below the poverty line and supplies food to 40.000 families EVERY WEEK. 

We support their mission that nobody should be hungry and that's why for every t-shirt you get at Pelli. we will feed 2 families in your name!

This way, you can look awesome in your brand new shirt and feel great about wearing it, knowing your shirt and that Pelican bird on your chest has contributed to feeding 2 families in need.

Follow the Voedselbank on Instagram or Youtube to stay on top of some of the amazing impact you are contributing to.